Back End Network

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The back end servers include SQL Server clusters (four serversin two clusters), two Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directorydomain controllers, a MOM monitoring server, an imaging andinstallation server, a backup server, and an HTML transformationserver. These servers form a private network and do not have directInternet access, so the Back End network is private.

All Front End servers are also dual-homed on the Back Endnetwork. To be more secure, you can use a router or firewall toconnect Front End and Back End networks. The Back End network usesthe following IP addresses:

  • Network:

  • Subnet mask: 255.255.255. 0

  • Subnet broadcast address:

  • Available network addresses: to

The network address assignment is as follows:

  • Domain controller 1:

  • Domain controller 2:

  • MOM server:

  • HTML transformation server:

  • Imaging and installation server:

  • Servers running SQL Server: to

  • SQL Server cluster 1:

  • SQL Server cluster 2:

  • SQL Server virtual server 1:

  • SQL Server virtual server 2:

  • SAN controller 1:

  • SAN controller 2:

  • SMTP and DNS server Back End IP:

  • Backup server IP:

  • Front-end Web server Back End IPs: to10.1.1.106

  • DHCP Scope: to

All IP addresses in this paper are fictitious.