Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Monitoring Design and Implementation

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Microsoft Corporation

Published: December 2003

Authors: Microsoft Office Internet Platform and OperationsWindows SharePoint Services Team


This white paper describes the way the Internet Platform andOperations group on the Microsoft Office team designed andimplemented the monitoring mechanism for their deployment ofMicrosoft Windows SharePoint Services (Beta). The teamused Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2000 SP1 with variousmonitoring rules and System Monitor counters to monitor the statusof servers and services in the Windows SharePoint Services serverfarm. This is the fourth of four papers that describe the WindowsSharePoint Services hosting experience.

Deployment Goals

The objectives of the monitoring implementation described inthis paper were the following:

  • To test and provide enhanced and integrated monitoring featuresfor Windows SharePoint Services server farms

  • To provide extremely high availability of the WindowsSharePoint Services server farm to 15,000 external customers andallow administrators and operations engineers to take immediate andproactive actions when a service issue or system faultoccurred.

Both objectives were accomplished. The availability of theWindows SharePoint Services server farm in the last year has beenmore than 99 percentan excellent record for Beta code.Application, server, and drive issues occurred, but the appropriategroups received MOM notification e-mail messages in time to respondbefore service was interrupted.

Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and Hewlett-Packard CompaqInsight Manager (CIM) were chosen as the monitoring tools for thefollowing reasons:

  • Hewlett-Packard hardware makes up the server farm, so CIM workswell to monitor server status. MOM is fully integrated with the CIMmonitoring tool.

  • Many required monitoring features identified in this paper aresupported as provided features by MOM. Minimal development andcustomization efforts were needed for the Window SharePointServices monitoring and instrumentation.

  • MOM can automatically notify corresponding groups when serviceissues or system faults occur on the Windows SharePoint Servicesserver farm.

  • MOM provides default performance monitoring reports that helpidentify the traffic patterns and system status.

  • Windows SharePoint Services plans to ship a MOM management packin the near future. Visit Microsoft Operations Manager Management Packs for updates.

  • Microsoft is committed to MOM as the long-term monitoringsolution for enterprise companies.

The configuration and best practices outlined in this paper maybe of use to anyone deploying Windows SharePoint Services. For moredetailed descriptions and configuration steps for MicrosoftOperations Manager, see the documentation for Microsoft OperationsManager 2000, available in several formats from the MOM Web site at MOM 2005 Product Documentation .