Additional System Monitor Counter Monitoring

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Monitoring these System Monitor counters can help systemadministrators understand the system load and service usageinformation. The collected data can be further referred to pursuecontinuous capacity planning. Because Windows SharePoint Serviceshas its own ISAPI filter and uses the Microsoft .NET Framework, itis also worthwhile to monitor the following front-end and back-endSystem Monitor counters and events.

Additional Monitoring Rules on Front-End Servers

  • Process(w3wp)\% Processor Time
    Process(w3wp)\Private Bytes

  • Process(w3wp)\Working Set
    Process(w3wp)\Handle Count

  • .NET CLR Memory\# Bytes in All Heaps

  • .NET CLR Memory\Large Object Heap Size

  • .NET CLR Memory\% Time in GC

  • ASP.NET\Worker Process Restarts

Additional Monitoring Rules on Back-End Servers

  • Process(sqlservr)\% Processor Time

  • Process(sqlservr)\Working Set

  • SQLServer:General Statistics\User Connections

  • SQLServer:Locks\Number of Deadlocks/sec

  • SQLServer:Locks\Lock Waits/sec

  • SQLServer:Locks\Lock Wait Time (ms)

  • SQLServer:SQL Statistics\Batch Requests/sec