Server Farm Configuration

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Figure 1: Server Farm Configuration


  1. Public DNS servers

  2. Internet

  3. Router (Cisco Systems)

  4. Load balancer (F5 Networks BIG-IP)

  5. Load balancer (F5 Networks BIG-IP)

  6. Front-end Web server farm (six servers)

  7. SMTP and DNS server

  8. Terminal services, debugging, and administration server

  9. SQL Server server 1

  10. SQL Server server 2

  11. SQL Server server 3

  12. SQL Server server 4

  13. SAN unit (Hewlett Packard)

  14. Active Directory domain controller 1

  15. Active Directory domain controller 2

  16. MOM server

  17. Backup server (Veritas software)

  18. Backup tape device

  19. HTML transformation server

  20. Imaging and installation server (Altiris deploymentserver)

  21. Router (Cisco Systems)

  22. Edge network

Figure 1 shows the diagram of the server farm and network set upby the Internet Platform and Operations group. The followingsections will discuss the implementation of monitoring this WindowsSharePoint Services server farm in detail.