Monitoring Categories

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All implemented monitoring rules and counters were prioritizedand classified into the following five categories:

  • Fundamental System, Application, and ServerMonitoring Monitoring rules that are criticaland must be present on the system or server level.

  • Windows SharePoint Services-Specific ServiceMonitoring Events that track features that arespecific to Windows SharePoint Services and its components,including Web Parts.

  • Windows SharePoint Services HTML Transformation andHTML Transformation Server Services Eventsthat monitor the HTML transformation server, an optional componentfor a Windows SharePoint Services server farm.

  • Windows SharePoint Services URLMonitoring These URL tests help identifywhether Windows SharePoint Services sites and administrativefeatures work properly on each front-end Web server.

  • Additional System Monitor CounterMonitoring These System Monitor counters canhelp system administrators understand the system load and serviceusage information. The collected data can be further referred topursue continuous capacity planning.