Troubleshooting General Issues

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General Issues

Information in Help doesn't match what I see on my Website

Help is written to document your Web site in its defaultconfiguration. Your team or administrator may have customized thesite so that it no longer matches exactly the information inHelp.

Site users report that they can't get to a list, documentlibrary, discussion board, or survey, yet I can see it listed onthe Document Libraries, Discussion Boards, or Lists page

The default view may have been deleted. Do one of thefollowing:

  • Set an existing view as the default view.

  • Create a new view to use as the default view.

Note: To specify a default viewor create a new view you must be a member of the Web Designer sitegroup or a site group that has the Manage Lists right.

I can no longer modify a view by using my Web browser

If a view is modified extensively by using a MicrosoftWindows SharePoint Services-compatible Web page editor,such as Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, it can no longer bemodified in the Web browser.

Note: To modify a view you mustbe a member of the Web Designer site group or a site group that hasthe Manage Lists right.

I don't see my name in the list of users on the UserInformation page

You have not yet participated in the SharePoint site. Click Documents and Lists and then do any of the following:

  • Go to a discussion board and participate in a discussion.

  • Go to a document library and upload a document.

  • Go to a list and add an item

  • Go to a survey and respond to it.

Note: To perform any of theabove tasks you must be a member of the Contributor site group or asite group that has the Add Items right.

I can't get custom Active Server Pages to work correctly on mysite

By default, the ISAPI filter for Windows SharePoint Servicesblocks the use of any ASP pages that are not part of the WindowsSharePoint Services installation. If you want to use custom ASPpages with your SharePoint sites, you must put the ASP pages in aseparate virtual directory and create an excluded path for thedirectory in Windows SharePoint Services. This allows InternetInformation Services (IIS), rather than Windows SharePointServices, to control the directory and allows the ASP pages torun.

Note: To perform thesesteps, you must be a member of the local Administrators group onthe server running Windows SharePoint Services.

I want to change the order of the list of views

Views appear in the order they were created. To put views in thedesired order, set the view that you want to appear first as thedefault view, delete the other views, and then re-create the otherviews in the order you want them to appear.

Note: To create or delete aview you must be a member of the Web Designer site group or a sitegroup that has the Manage Lists right.

I can't create another column of a certain type

Windows SharePoint Services sets limits on the number of columnsof a certain type that you can create in each list or library. Thefollowing table lists the limits by column type.

Column Type

Maximum Number

Single line of text AND Choice (Drop Down Menu orRadio Buttons)*


Multiple lines of text AND Choice (Checkboxes(allow multiple sections))*


Number AND Currency*








*In rows marked with an asterisk (*), the number given is thetotal for all columns of both of the types in the row combined. Forexample, you can create 16 Number and 16 Currency columns, or 30Number columns and 2 Currency columns, but not 32 Number columnsand 32 Currency columns.

Note: When you create alist or library, the single line of text column Title isautomatically created. You can customize this column, but notdelete it.