Troubleshooting Usage Analysis

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I see a message that usage reports are not available when I tryto view the Site Usage Report page

  • Is logging and usage processing turned on? Logging and usage processing is turned off by default. To turn iton, do the following:

    1. On the server running Windows SharePoint Services, click Start , point to All Programs , point to Administrative Tools , and then click SharePoint Central Administration .

    2. In the Component Configuration section, click Configure usage analysis processing .

    3. On the Configure Usage Analysis Processing page, select the Enable logging and Enable usage analysis processing check boxes, and then click OK .

    Note: To perform these steps,you must be a member of the local Administrators group on theserver running Windows SharePoint Services or a member of theSharePoint Administrators group.

    For more information about enabling usage analysis,see "Specify usage analysis settings" in Windows SharePointServices Help.

  • Is the site new? If the site is new (createdtoday), or has not been used before today, no data will appearuntil the usage log processing has been done (usually within 24hours).

  • Has there been activity on your site within the last 31days? If there has been no activity on the site forthe past 31 days, the Site Usage Report page will say that usagereports are not available.

The number of users that I'm seeing is higher than Iexpected

  • Did you delete users from the site collection level or froma subsite? If you are trying to remove users sothat you are under your quota, you must remove users at the sitecollection level. You can do this by using SharePoint CentralAdministration or the Manage Site Collection Users page in SiteAdministration. Removing users from individual sites will not allowyou to add more users. To remove site collection users by using theSite Administration pages, do the following:

    1. On the top link bar, click Site Settings .

    2. In the Administration section, click Go to SiteAdministration.

    3. In the Site Collection Administration section, click View sitecollection user information.

    4. Click the check box next to the users that you want to delete,and then click Remove Selected Users .

    Note: You must be a sitecollection administrator to remove users from a sitecollection.

  • Have server administrators worked with yoursite? Server administrators will be included asusers in the usage analysis results. This is also true if serveradministrators run monitoring utilities on your site collection. Inboth cases, however, these users are not counted toward yourquota.