Troubleshooting Alerts and Invitations

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I can't create alerts to be notified of changes to Webcontent

  • Is the Alerts feature turned off? A serveradministrator must turn on this feature before you can use it. See"Configure alerts for a virtual server" in Windows SharePointServices Help.

  • Is the Windows SharePoint Services timer service turnedoff? A server administrator must turn on thisfeature for Alerts to function. See "Schedule timed jobs" inWindows SharePoint Services Help.

  • Does the site group to which you belong have permission tocreate alerts? See your server administrator forinformation.

Alerts are sent to the wrong e-mail address

  • Was the correct e-mail address specified when you wereinvited to the site? You may need to update youraccount information. See "Modify user account information" inWindows SharePoint Services Help.

  • Are the alerts being sent to the mail account you use forinstant messaging? When you enable instantmessenger integration, the e-mail address that you specify is alsoused for alerts. See "Configure online presence information" inWindows SharePoint Services Help.

I removed a user from a site but he or she is still receivingalerts from it

When you remove a user from a Web site, site group, orcross-site group after he or she has created alerts, you mustmanually delete any alerts that he or she has set up. This is alsotrue for any lists or libraries where you change security settingsto limit access. If a user has set up alerts for the list orlibrary, he or she will continue to receive them after you changethe security settings. For information on deleting alerts, see"Delete an alert" in Windows SharePoint Services Help.

Note: To delete an alert foranother user, you must a member of the Administrator site group ora site group that has the Manage Web Site right.