Troubleshooting Installation and Setup

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I installed Windows SharePoint Services, but I can't extend avirtual server

  • Is your file system formatted with FAT instead ofNTFS? If you installed Windows SharePoint Servicesto a disk drive formatted with the FAT file system, your defaultvirtual server might not be extended. On the Microsoft Windowsplatform, the security features of Windows SharePoint Servicesrequire the NTFS file system. Microsoft Windows Server 2003includes a conversion utility (Convert.exe) that you can use toconvert an existing file allocation table (FAT) volume to NTFSwithout losing data. For more information, see Microsoft Windows Server 2003 .

  • Does the virtual server exist in Internet InformationServices? Before you can extend a new virtualserver with Windows SharePoint Services, you must create thevirtual server by using the Internet Services Manager in MicrosoftWindows Server 2003 or later. See Windows Server 2003 online formore information.

Note: To perform thesesteps, you must be a member of the local Administrators group onthe server running Windows SharePoint Services.