Troubleshooting Search

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I can't enable search for a server

  • Is your server running Windows SharePointServices-compatible search server software, such as Microsoft SQLServer 2000 or later? By default, WindowsSharePoint Services installs the Microsoft SQL Server 2000Desktop Engine (Windows) (WMSDE) database. However, to enable thesearch functionality, the server's back-end database must berunning Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or another Windows SharePointServices-compatible search server.

  • Is your server part of a server farm? Ifeach server in the server farm is not running Windows SharePointServices-compatible search server software, such as Microsoft SQLServer 2000 or later, the search controls may not appear. Toresolve this problem, make sure all servers in the server farm arerunning Windows SharePoint Services-compatible search serversoftware.

Note: To perform thesesteps, you must be a member of the local Administrators group onthe server running Windows SharePoint Services.

I'm not finding what I'm searching for

  • Are you searching for file type other than .doc, .xls, .ppt,.txt, or .htm? By default, full-text searching doesnot include any file types other than .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, and.htm in the search results. You can install custom filters to allowyou to search other file types. For more information about addingfilters to SQL Server full-text searching, see the SQL Server 2000documentation.

  • Is there an asterisk in your search query? Youcannot use the asterisk (*) character.

  • Did you use Boolean function such as AND orOR? The search engine does not support Booleanfunctions.

  • Is the information you're searching for in a listattachment? Attachments to list items do not appearin search results.

  • Is the information stored in an item that is not part of thecurrent view? You cannot search for information initems (rows) that are not included in the current view. Forexample, if you search in a view that shows only items created byyou, any items created by another user are not searched. However,searches include all information in the items that are notfiltered, including information in columns that are hidden.Searches also include information in items that exceed the currentview's item limit.

  • Is there a problem with the search server? There might be an internal error on the search server. Contact yourserver administrator for more information.