Troubleshooting Security

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I can't change my password

The way you change your password depends upon what type ofauthentication your Web server is using, either WindowsAuthentication or Microsoft Active Directory directoryservices.

  • When using Active Directory account creation mode, WindowsSharePoint Services provides the Change Password page forchanging passwords. To use this page:

    1. On the top link bar, click Site Settings .

    2. In the Manage My Information section, click Update my information .

    3. Click Change password .

    4. If requested, enter the old password in the fieldprovided.

    5. Enter the new password in the fields provided, and then click OK .

  • If you don't see the Change Password Page, youprobably use your Microsoft Windows domain account to log onto yourSharePoint site. To change your domain account password in WindowsXP:

  • To change your own password, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE andthen click Change Password .

    Note: When changing your password,make sure you entered the old password correctly. You may need tospecify a password that includes numbers and special characters sothat it is more secure. Also, if you are trying to use reuse an oldpassword, more time may need to pass before you are able to use itagain. If you still cannot change your password, contact your sitecollection administrator to change your password.

I want to prevent users from seeing links to areas in thissite, such as Site Administration

Rather than hiding links and controls from users, WindowsSharePoint Services checks users' rights when they click links ortry to perform actions on the site. If a user is not a member of asite group or cross-site group with the proper rights, he or shecannot enter site administration or change the settings for a site,list, or library. There are no administrative controls to hidelinks from unauthorized users.

I set Edit access in my list or survey to None, and now no onecan enter items in the list or respond to the survey

The settings for Edit access also specify whether users can additems. You cannot prevent users from editing their own items.However, you can prevent users from editing someone else's items bysetting Edit access to Only their own. You can specify Edit access settings by clicking Modify settings and columns ,and then clicking Change general settings .

Note: To specify thepermissions settings for a list, you must be a member of theAdministrator site group or a site group that has the Manage Listsright.

I received the message "You need to be authenticated to accessthis page"

  • Do you have an account on the Web server and does the sitegroup that you are a member of have sufficient rights to view thepage? See your site administrator for informationabout access restrictions on the page.

  • Are the security settings in Internet Information Servicesset up to allow you access to the page? SeeInternet Information Services documentation for moreinformation.

  • If you are using a domain account, is the Web server part ofyour domain and is your domain account a member of a site groupthat has sufficient rights to access the page? Seeyour site administrator for more information.

  • Are you using a Web browser other than Microsoft InternetExplorer 5 or later? When using other browsers,such as Netscape Navigator, the server must use BasicAuthentication to allow viewing the site. For more information, see"About authentications methods" in Windows SharePoint ServicesHelp.

I've deleted users from my site, but I'm stillbeing notified that my quota is full and I can't add any moreusers

To have any effect on your user quota, users must be removed atthe site collection level. You can do this by using SharePointCentral Administration or the Manage Site Collection Users page inSite Administration. Removing users from individual sites will notallow you to add more users. To remove site collection users byusing the Site Administration pages, do the following:

  1. On the top link bar, click Site Settings .

  2. In the Administration section, click Go to Site Administration .

  3. In the Site Collection Administration section, click View site collection user information .

  4. Select the check box next to the users that you want to delete,and then click Remove Selected Users .

Note: You must be a sitecollection administrator to remove users from a sitecollection.

The link from the e-mail message with my password doesn'twork

  • Was the invitation to the site or just one list orlibrary? If you are allowed access to the list orlibrary only, you cannot access the home page of the site. Use thelink to the list or library in the body of the invitation e-mailmessage to view the part of the site where you are allowed access,or contact your site administrator and request access to the restof the site.

  • Does the site still exist or has it moved? Contact your site administrator.