Troubleshooting Data Entry

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I get a message that I didn't type a valid date

Dates must be in the correct format such as MM/DD/YYYY orM/D/YY. Note that the actual date format may vary depending uponthe locale specified for the site on the Regional Settings page in Site Administration.

I typed a Web address in a text field and, when I view theitem, only part of the Web address is a hyperlink

If the Web address includes a space, type %20 for thespace. For example,

I typed a mailto: address in a text field, and when I view theitem, it isn't an active hyperlink

All mailto: addresses must be in lowercase letters. Forexample:

I can't edit an item with a date column

You can't edit a list item that has a date older than 1900 orgreater than 8900. To resolve this problem, delete the item and addit with a date between the year 1900 and 8900.