Troubleshooting Document Libraries

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I can't copy and move files when I'm in Folder view in adocument library

You may need to add the SharePoint site to the list of trustedsites in Internet Explorer. Try the following:

  1. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options , and then click the Security tab.

  2. In the Select a Web content zone to specify its security settings box, click Trusted sites , and then click Sites .

  3. In the Add this Web site to the zone box, type the URLof your site, and then click Add .

Note: The Trusted sites zoneshould only contain sites that you believe you can download or runfiles from without worrying about damage to your computer or data.The default security level for the Trusted sites zone is Low,therefore, Internet Explorer will allow script files to run andcookies from Web sites in this zone to be saved on your computerand read by the Web site that created them.

I can't open a document library file in my application

  • Are you an anonymous user (not a member of a sitegroup)? Even though the site may allow anonymoususers to view the file in a Web browser, you must be a member of asite group with the View Lists right to open the file in anapplication, and you must be a member of a site group with the EditItems right to edit the file. See your site administrator for moreinformation.

  • Are you a member of a site group? The sitegroup that you belong to must have the View Lists right to open thefile in an application. You must be a member of a site group withthe Edit Items right to edit the file. See your site administratorfor more information.

I can't add a file to a document library

  • Is the file empty? You cannot add a 0-bytefile to a document library.

  • Is the file one of the types that's blocked by theserver? Administrators can specify which types offiles are not allowed in document libraries. For more information,see the Windows SharePoint Services Administrator's Guide .

  • Do you have the access rights necessary to add files to thesite or document library? You must be a member of asite group with the Add Items right to add files to a documentlibrary. Contact your administrator to find out what rights youhave on the site.

  • Do you receive the message "There has been a networkor file permission error"? If you receivethat message while trying to save a file to a document library fromwithin a program that is compatible with Windows SharePointServices, you may need to change your proxy server settings. Thisproblem occurs in intranet sites based on Windows SharePointServices that use accounts from the network domain. Internet proxyservers don't support this authentication method, so you mustbypass the proxy server for local (intranet) addresses.

    To bypass your Internet proxy server for localaddresses in Internet Explorer 5 or later, follow these steps:

    1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools , and then click Internet Options .

    2. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Connections tab, and then click LAN Settings .

    3. Under Proxy server , select the Bypass proxy server for local addresses check box, and then click OK .