Configuring the Proxy Server to Listen for Requests on IP Addresses

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By default, all incoming Web requests to ISA Server must be received by a Web listener. A single Web listener may be used in multiple Web publishing rules. When you configure a Web listener, you specify the network that corresponds to the adapter on which ISA Server will listen for incoming Windows SharePoint Services requests. For example, if you want to allow access to the SharePoint site from the Internet (External network), you should select the External network for the Web listener. The listener can listen on all IP addresses associated with a network, or on specific IP addresses. You also configure the port number that will listen for requests on the selected network IP addresses.

Configure a Web listener on ISA Server 2004

  1. In ISA Server Management, click Firewall Policy .

  2. In the right pane, on the Toolbox tab, click New and select Web listener .

  3. In the Web listener name box, type a name for the Web listener, for example, WSS_Listener .

  4. Click Next .

  5. In the Listen for requests from these networks box, select the check boxes for the interfaces that you want the listener to listen on.

    For example, select the External check box for Internet Web publishing.

  6. Click Next .

  7. On the Port Specification page, under HTTP , clear the Enable HTTP check box.

  8. Under SSL , select the Enable SSL check box, and then in the SSL port box, type 443 .

    If the IIS virtual server youre about to publish is configured to listen on a different port, you should configure ISA Server Web Listener to use the same port.

  9. Next to Certificate , click Select to choose the server certificate you will use for the SSL session establishing process.

  10. In the Select Certificate dialog box, select the certificate you want to use, and then click OK .

  11. Click Next , and then click Finish .

  12. Click Apply to save the changes and update the configuration.

Important: ISA Server will not start to listen on the IP and port specified above until a Web publishing rule is created and configured to use the Web listener.