Configuring the Proxy Server to Listen for Requests on IP Addresses

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Now you must configure your reverse proxy server to listen to the requests coming in on the public network interface. After it is listening, the proxy server can apply the rules you set up later in this process.

Configure proxy server for IP addresses

  1. Click Start , point to Programs , point to Microsoft ISA Server , and then click ISA Management .

  2. In the left pane, click the plus sign next to Servers and Arrays .

  3. Right-click your server name, and then click Properties .

  4. On the Incoming Web Requests tab, under Identification , select either of the following options:

    • Use the same listener configuration for all internal IP addresses

    • Configure listeners individually per IP address

  5. If you selected Configure listeners individually per IP address , click Add to add a listener, and then in the Server field, select your ISA Server name , in the IP Address field, select the public IP address you set up earlier, and then click OK .

  6. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box.

  7. In the message box, select Save the changes and restart the service(s) .

    (You can also select Save the changes, but dont restart the service(s) , but then youll need to restart them yourself later.)