Submitting a certificate request file

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For the certificate to be used on the Internet, you must submit the request file to an online CA. The CA then generates a certificate response file, which contains your public key and is digitally signed by the commercial CA. Follow the instructions provided by the commercial CA to submit the request file and receive your certificate response, which you will then use to install the certificate.

Note that to submit a request you need access to the CAs Web site. It is recommended that you copy the request file from the Web server to a computer with Internet access, and then submit it according to the CAs instructions. Alternatively, you can allow connectivity from your Web server to the commercial CA by creating an ISA Server access rule on the protocols used by the CA. Make the rule as specific as possible. For example, if you require access on the HTTP protocol, create an allow rule from a computer set containing only the Web server to a URL set containing only the CAs Web site and allowing only HTTP traffic.