Host Integration Server 2000 Architecture

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Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 combines comprehensive managed host access with application integration that makes the most out of legacy applications and data in the dynamic world of Web applications.

Host Integration Server 2000 solves the problem of integrating the Microsoft Windows operating system with other non-Windows enterprise systems running on platforms such as IBM mainframes, AS/400, and UNIX. By using the powerful and comprehensive bidirectional integration services of Host Integration Server 2000, developers are freed from platform boundaries and can build highly scalable, distributed applications that incorporate existing processes and data without requiring any recoding or "wrapping" of existing code. This allows businesses to quickly build new business-critical Windows DNA 2000 applications while preserving investment in best-of-breed and custom in-house developed solutions. Host Integration Server 2000 includes three levels of integration that lets developers make the most of existing computing resources.


Each Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) project is unique and can include requirements for one or all of the following types of integration provided by Host Integration Server 2000:

  • Network and Security Integration

    Host Integration Server 2000 provides comprehensive managed host access seamlessly connecting legacy host systems with client/server and Web networks. Utilizing Windows 2000 Active Directory™ service, Host Integration Server integrates host-based security.

  • Data Integration

    Host Integration Server 2000 provides complete, secure access to enterprise data through object-oriented and programmatic access to relational DB2 data and flat file data on mainframes, AS/400, UNIX, Windows 2000, and Windows NT® Server.

  • Application Integration

    Utilizing COM Transaction Integrator, developers can build distributed applications that integrate Microsoft Transaction Services (MTS) with IBM host CICS and IMS transactions. Instead of learning the intricacies of host code, Web developers can use COMTI to wrap CICS and IMS transactions and expose them as COM objects available for use in distributed Web applications.

Host Integration Server 2000 also makes the most of Windows DNA 2000 core "plumbing code" such as: security, support for transactions, and queuing, freeing developers to create new functionality. The same core services reduce complexity for system administrators. Tight integration with Windows 2000 makes managing host and application access easier, less expensive, and more secure.