Fragmented IGMP Packet Security Vulnerability - MS Windows 95

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September 1999

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Read Me First

Read Me First

This update eliminates a vulnerability in TCP/IP stack implementations of Microsoft® Windows® 95. Fragmented IGMP packets can cause a variety of problems in Windows 95, ranging from slowing system performance to actually causing the affected computer to crash.

Windows NT® 4.0 contains the same vulnerability, but other system mechanisms decrease the likelihood of experiencing adverse effects.

How to download and install

Note: Please save your work and close all open applications before installing.

Click here to copy 3304up95.exe for Widows 95 to your hard drive. This is a self extracting file approximately 167 KB

How to use

Restart your computer to complete the install.

How to uninstall

Note: Please save your work and close all open applications before attempting to uninstall this component. You will need to have your original Windows 95 CD available to uninstall this component.

  1. Click Start, point to Find, and click Files or Folders.

  2. Search for 3304UN95.INF.

  3. Once this file is displayed, right-click on the file and choose Install.