ISA Server 2000 Feature Pack 1

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The Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 Feature Pack 1 is a set of features and documentation that provides enhanced security and ease of use for e-mail server, Web server and Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access (OWA) server deployments. E-mail server security is enhanced by the improved ability to filter out unwanted e-mail messages. Remote Outlook users can now securely access Exchange Server mail over untrusted networks without a VPN. Improved authentication and protection from evolving types of Internet attacks enable ISA Server to better protect Web and OWA server computers. New wizards make configuration easier and answer commonly asked questions. In addition to the on-line help installed with ISA Server Feature Pack 1, documents included in this package provide detailed information on configuring new scenarios made possible by the feature pack.

ISA Server Feature Pack 1 also includes a rich set of documents (listed on this page), which step you through the process of publishing these servers.

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Web Publishing

Web publishing enables you to make a Web server on your local network publicly, securely available. Easy-to-configure, Web publishing rules determine how ISA Server should intercept incoming requests for HTTP objects on an internal Web server and how ISA Server should respond on behalf of the Web server. Web publishing rules essentially map incoming requests to the appropriate Web servers behind the ISA Server computer.

Exchange Publishing

Exchange Publishing with ISA Server ensures secure, easily-configurable accessibility to Exchange Server computers, located on your internal network. With ISA Server, you can safely place your Exchange Server behind the ISA Server computer and create server publishing rules that allow the e-mail server to be published to the Internet. Incoming e-mail to the Exchange server is intercepted by the ISA Server computer, which gives the appearance of an e-mail server to clients. ISA Server can filter the traffic and forward it on to the Exchange server. Your Exchange server is never exposed directly to external users and sits in its secure environment, maintaining access to other internal network services.

Helping Our Customers

The documentation included with ISA Server Feature Pack 1 addresses the needs and concerns expressed by customers, providing pointed documentation in specific areas. Common questions include: what kind of clients should I deploy; when should ISA Server authenticate user requests; When do I need to create packet filters.

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