New Lockdown Guidelines for Windows 2000 Professional Workstations

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A working group composed of security experts from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), National Security Agency (NSA), General Services Administration (GSA), SANS (Systems Administration and Network Security) Institute, and the Center for Internet Security (CIS), with significant review and advice from Microsoft, has published consensus recommended Baseline Security Settings for Windows 2000 Professional Workstations. The settings, which are based in part on the Windows 2000 High Security Workstation (HISECWS) template, establish a new baseline for security and should prove especially useful to administrators who want to improve the security of Windows 2000 Professional workstations in managed enterprise environments. Some of the baseline settings may impact application compatibility, and may require the system administrator to adjust the settings so that applications will continue to function properly. For more information about the settings, see