Exchange 2000 Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager: Deployment Tips and Resources

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Published: February 3, 2002

You can monitor the health and performance of your mail servers running by using the Microsoft Operations Manager Exchange 2000 Management Pack module. To work smart and to stay informed, check out the resources on this page.

Deployment Tips

Get the most out of deploying Exchange 2000 Management Pack with the following tools and resources.

  • For deployment directions for the Exchange 2000 Management Pack, see the Installation and Configuration Guide.

  • To simplify some of the configuration, download the Exchange 2000 Management Pack Configuration Utility, which automates significant steps in the configuration process.

  • For the latest improvements, obtain Microsoft Operations Manager Service Pack 1 (SP1). The updated Exchange 2000 Management Pack has vastly improved alerts, giving you reduced time to resolution. The updated management pack includes:

    • Completely new functionality for all of the scripts that rely on MAPI to access data in the Exchange store or to perform synthetic transactions and monitoring for Exchange Instant Messaging (IM) Services

    • An array of Exchange 2000 best practices, security, and performance configuration details

    Note: As described in the Installation and Configuration Guide, when upgrading to Microsoft Operations Manager SP1, you will need to modify some aspects of the Exchange 2000 Management Pack configuration.

For More Information

For additional guidance about the features in the Exchange 2000 Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager Application Pack SP1, see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

  • Article 814634: List of Report Dependencies for the Exchange 2000 Management Pack

  • Article 814631: Dependencies for Exchange 2000 Management Pack Scripts in Microsoft Operations Manager SP1

For additional guidance about the features in the Exchange 2000 Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager Application Pack, initial release only (prior to Microsoft Operations Manager SP1) as well as workarounds for potential problems, see:

  • Article 322065: Dependencies for Exchange 2000 Management Pack's Functionalities and Scripts

  • Article 321993: Exchange 2000 Traffic Analysis Report Shows Sender as "Not Available"

  • Article 304882: MOM Exchange Management Pack Returns Incorrect Data

  • Article 310702: Exchange Performance Analysis Queue Sizes Report Does Not Work Correctly in MOM 2000

  • Article 315880: Exchange 2000 Management Pack MAPI Logon Check Reports Logon Failures

  • Article 321996: Exchange 2000 Management Pack MAPI Logon Check Shows Logon Failures

  • Article 321997: How to Give the Agent Service Account the Local Administrator Role on an Exchange 2000 Agent Computer

For general information about the Exchange 2000 Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager, visit the following pages on the Microsoft Operations Manager site:

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