Online Information About Windows 95

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For Windows 95 information, see the WinNews areas on most major online services and networks.

Online service

WinNews access procedures

The Microsoft Network

From the Windows 95 desktop, click the Microsoft Network icon. Then click Microsoft and, in the Microsoft menu, select Windows 95. Click WinNews.

FTP on the Internet


World Wide Web on the Internet


As an alternative to these online sources, the biweekly WinNews Electronic Newsletter is available. Subscribers receive this newsletter by mail, eliminating the need for regularly checking the WinNews areas for updates. To subscribe, type an Internet mail message addressed to with the words subscribe winnews as the only text in your message.

Getting Answers to Your Technical Questions

For answers to your questions and help with technical problems regarding Windows 95:

  • First, check online Help (press the F1 key), the printed documentation set, and the information in the README.TXT and SETUP.TXT files.

  • For fast answers to common questions and a library of technical notes delivered by recording or fax, call Microsoft FastTips for Windows 95 at (800) 936-4200, available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays. Microsoft FastTips is an automated system, accessible by touch-tone phone.

  • Use The Microsoft Network to interact with other users and Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) engineers, or to access the Microsoft Knowledge Base for product information.

  • Contact a Microsoft Solution Provider for installation services and follow-up product support. These companies have individuals who have been qualified as Microsoft Certified Professionals on Windows 95. For a referral to a Microsoft Solution Provider in your area, please call Microsoft at (800) SOLPROV (or (800) 765-7768). For more information, see "Microsoft Solution Providers" later in this appendix.

  • Get technical support from a Microsoft engineer. Support is available for no charge from a Microsoft PSS engineer, by means of a toll line, for the first 90 days of using Windows 95. The 90-day period begins the day of your first call. Call (206) 637-7098 between 6:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Pacific time, Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays. For support outside the United States, contact your local Microsoft subsidiary.

    After the initial 90-day free period has expired, support is available from a Microsoft PSS engineer and charged by the length of time used or by the occurrence. Call (900) 555-2000 ($2 per minute, $25 cap) or (800) 936-5700 ($25 per incident). For support outside the United States, contact your local Microsoft subsidiary.

    Support for Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows 95 is not available from the standard Windows 95 PSS phone lines. To request TCP/IP support for Windows 95, please contact a Microsoft Solutions Provider or enroll in one of the Microsoft fee-based support plans. For further information, call Microsoft Inside Sales at (800) 227-4679.

    Microsoft Text Telephone (TT/TDD) services are available for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Using a special TT/TDD modem, dial (206) 635-4948, between 6:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Pacific time, Monday through Friday. For more information about the accessibility of Microsoft products and services to the deaf or hard-of-hearing, see Appendix I, "Accessibility."

Hardware Compatibility Information

Microsoft makes available a list of hardware which has been demonstrated to be compatible with Windows 95. For peripherals listed, manufacturers have submitted models for testing by Microsoft Compatibility Labs (MCL); for computers listed, manufacturers have submitted system compatibility testing results to MCL. The hardware compatibility list does not constitute a complete list of computers which currently run Windows 95.

For a current hardware compatibility list, see the WinNews area on The Microsoft Network.

Windows 95 SDK Information

Developers who are writing applications to run under Windows 95 should obtain the Win32 Software Development Kit for Windows 95 and Windows NT (SDK). The SDK is available with a Level-2 subscription to the Microsoft Developer Network. For more information, see "Microsoft Developer Network" later in this appendix.

Microsoft TechNet

Microsoft TechNet is the comprehensive worldwide information service designed for those who support or educate users, administer networks or databases, create automated solutions, and recommend or evaluate information-technology solutions. For an annual TechNet subscription fee, subscribers receive two compact discs (CDs) per month containing the Microsoft Knowledge Base, resource kits, up-to-date drivers, and other information. To subscribe in the United States and Canada call (800) 344-2121, weekdays, between 6:30 A.M. and 5:30 P.M. Pacific time. For international orders, call (510) 275-0826 (in the United States) for contacts in your area.

Microsoft Developer Network

Microsoft Developer Network is an annual, two-tiered membership program for developers of applications for the family of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Level-1 members receive four quarterly updates to the Development Library, a source of sample applications and development tools and utilities; six bimonthly issues of the Developer Network News; and other benefits. Level-2 membership adds four quarterly updates to the Development Platform, offering the latest released versions of Microsoft software and device development kits and operating systems, plus support.

To join the Developer Network in the United States and Canada, call (800) 759-5474, 6:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. For local contacts outside North America, call (303) 684-0914.

Microsoft Solution Providers

Microsoft Solution Providers are independent organizations that provide consulting, integration, development, training, technical support, or other services with Microsoft products. Microsoft equips Solution Providers with information, business development assistance, and tools that help create additional value with Microsoft-based software technology. To locate a Microsoft Solution Provider in your area, or for more information on the Microsoft Solution Provider program in the United States, call Microsoft at (800) SOLPROV (or (800) 765-7768). In Canada, call (800) 563-9048.

Microsoft Technical Education

Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Centers provide computer professionals with the knowledge required to expertly install and support Microsoft solutions and help prepare individuals for Microsoft Certified Professional exams. Under the Microsoft Certified Professional program, individuals can authoritatively establish that they possess the skills and knowledge to implement and support solutions with Microsoft products.

For more information on the Microsoft Certified Professional program, call Microsoft at (800) 636-7544 in the United States and Canada. For full course descriptions and referral to a Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Center, call (800) SOLPROV (or (800) 765-7768) in the United States and Canada. In other countries, contact the local Microsoft subsidiary.

For the Microsoft Education and Certification Roadmap, see the Training & Certification Web site at

Microsoft Consulting Services

Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) provides services that enable corporations, governments, and other institutions worldwide to design and build client-server applications using Microsoft technology. MCS consultants are experienced in designing custom solutions for order entry, payroll, and a variety of other business functions. For more information, call (800) 426-9400 or the Microsoft Consulting Services office nearest you. For Microsoft Solutions Framework, a reference guide from MCS describing how to build and deploy distributed enterprise systems based on Microsoft tools and technologies, call (206) 703-4MSF (or (206) 703-4673) in the United States, or call the Microsoft Canada Customer Support Centre at (905) 712-0333, extension 7291.

Microsoft Knowledge Base

Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) is a primary source of product information for Microsoft support engineers and customers, containing detailed how-to articles, plus answers to technical support questions, bug lists, fix lists, and documentation corrections. Knowledge Base articles are available on CD with a membership in the Microsoft Developer Network or a subscription to Microsoft TechNet, and available online at the Microsoft Web site.

Microsoft Software Library

The Microsoft Software Library (MSL) is a collection of files pertaining to all Microsoft products, including drivers, utilities, Help files, and Application Notes. Microsoft Software Library files are available online from The Microsoft Network, and the Internet. You can also get the Microsoft Software Library on CD by becoming a member of the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) or by subscribing to Microsoft TechNet.

Obtaining Drivers Electronically

The Windows Driver Library (WDL) is a collection of new and updated printer, display, sound, and network drivers for use with Microsoft Windows. Network drivers on the WDL include NDIS 2 and NDIS 3 drivers for network adapters not included in the Windows 95 retail product. As new and updated files become available, they are added to the WDL.

If you have a modem, the drivers are available electronically for downloading at the Microsoft Web site at However, notice that standard connect-time fees and long-distance telephone charges, if any, apply when you download files. When you connect, please read the WDL.TXT for a complete list of the devices the WDL supports.

If you do not have access to a modem, you can obtain an individual driver from the WDL on a disk by calling Microsoft Product Support Services at (206) 637-7098.

When searching for a WDL driver (or a WNTDL driver for Windows NT), you can use any of these keywords:







manufacturer name






To download a file from the Windows Driver Library

  1. Locate the device in the WDL.TXT file. Make note of the name of the file listed next to the device. You need to download this file from your download service.

  2. If you are downloading to a floppy disk, you need to have a formatted blank disk. If you are downloading to your hard disk, create a new subdirectory in which you will place the files.

    Important: Do not download files directly into your Windows directory. Doing so could overwrite files essential to the proper operation of your system.

  3. Follow the downloading procedure used by your downloading service. The file you download is the executable (.EXE) file that you identified in step 1. This file contains all the files you need to support your device.

    Download the .EXE file to your floppy disk or to the new subdirectory you created on your hard disk.

  4. Change to the floppy disk drive (or the subdirectory on your hard disk) that contains the .EXE file. At the MS-DOS prompt, type the filename and then press enter.

When the .EXE file finishes running, all the files you need to support your device, such as a .DRV (Windows Driver Library) file and the OEMSETUP.INF file, are set up. You also have a .TXT file that contains instructions for installing the device drivers (or other software) and a licensing agreement.

If you have problems extracting files, try downloading the files again.

Resources for ICM

Eastman Kodak, the supplier of the default color-matching method for ICM in Windows 95, has a wide array of advanced color management technology and products including device profiles which can be used to optimize your system. To get more information, call (800) 752-6567. You can also write to Eastman Kodak, Color Management Group, 164 Lexington Road, Billerica, MA 01821.