Windows 95 Trademark Information

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Project Team: Annie Pearson, Emily Warn, Doralee Moynihan, Jane Dow, and Audrey Wehba

Project Managers: Steven Guggenheimer and Yusuf Mehdi

Editorial Support and Production: Yong Ok Chung, Tony Nahra, Susie Hunter, David Thornbrugh, Bob Bristow, Dianne Parkin, Brad Matter, and Daniel Tyler

Graphic Design and Production: Sue Wyble, Gwen Gray, Elizabeth Read, Kathy Hall, and Shane Gonzalez

Technical Contributors: Doug Sheresh, Matthew Bookspan, Kristen Crupi, Joseph Davies, Micheal Dunn, Brent Ethington, Kris Iverson, Jean Kaiser, Mike Laverty, Rob MacKaughan, Adam Taylor, and Autumn Womack

Technical Consultants: Craig Beilinson, Robert Bennett, Brian Boston, Jane Dailey, Harold Daniels, Tod Edwards, Metin Elyazar, Brian Emanuels, Ross Heise, Petra Hoffmann, David Jaffe, Margaret Jasso, Michael Kammer, Steven Lambert, Rhonda Landy, Denise La Rue, Sarah Lefko, Joo Shian Shirley Leong, Roman Lutz, Trang Luyen, Joe Mendel, Brita Meng, Gary Natividad, Gale Nelson, Doug Ota, Kevin Otnes, Ted Padua, Dave Pollon, Stephen Shay, Mark Sundt, Stan Takemoto, and Keith White

We are particularly grateful to our most important contributors and reviewers, the Microsoft Windows 95 product development and product support services teams.