RSA Conference Wrap-up: Microsoft Declares War on Hostile Code!

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Microsoft's declaration of war on hostile code was the buzz at the just-completed RSA Conference. In his keynote address to the conference, Dave Thompson, Microsoft's Vice President for Windows Product Server Group, outlined Microsoft's strategy for defeating e-mail viruses, Trojan horse software, and other hostile code. Dave also unveiled Microsoft's Secure Windows Initiative, an initiative that is improving the security of all Microsoft products.

Even if you weren't able to make it to the conference, you can still see Dave's keynote via Windows Media Player. (Both 56k and 100k versions are available). More information on the War on Hostile Code, the Secure Windows Initiative, and other advances in Microsoft security can be found on the Microsoft web site.

In other RSA Conference news, Microsoft announced the newest members of its Security Partners Program: Computer Sciences Corporation, Guardent, and Foundstone. The Microsoft web site features more information on the program and the new members.