Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Security, Audit, and Control

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By James G. Jumes, Neil F. Cooper, Paula Chamoun, and Todd M. Feinman

Technical Reference

Reprinted with Permission from Microsoft Press

Copyright 1998 by Microsoft Press
ISBN: 157231818X

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Your guide to enterprise-level security on Windows NT Server 4.0 networks.

MICROSOFT WINDOWS NT 4.0 SECURITY, AUDIT, AND CONTROL provides definitive guidelines for monitoring and controlling Windows NT Server 4.0 network security. Developed in cooperation with Microsoft and members of the Pricewaterhouse Coopers IT Security Services team, this handbook presents an integrated network security plan. Proven techniques facilitate authorized usage while thwarting unauthorized use, hacking, and other virulent threats to system integrity. Network architects, administrators, Webmasters, and other enterprise information gatekeepers will learn how to audit and help safeguard their networked assets by reviewing and implementing each facet of these proven techniques.

  • Discover the relative security of your system.

  • Gain a conceptual understanding of security issues and philosophy.

  • Understand the issues behind network-access security with proven audit and control techniques.

  • Exploit the built-in security and audit references of Windows NT—components that control who can log on, what they can use, and where they can go on the network.

  • Learn how to roll out a Windows NT security audit review program for proactive results.

  • Use field-tested procedures for establishing a secure installation and maintaining its integrity.

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