Tips for Techies - December 31, 2001

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Get to Know Your Visitors with FrontPage 2002

From: Brian Lema, Nepean, Ontario

Knowing certain information about visitors to your Web site-their operating systems, browser versions, and connection speeds, for example-helps you decide which technologies and features to include on your site. A new feature in Microsoft FrontPage(r) version 2002 makes it easy to collect this important information. Here's how:

On the Insert menu, click Web Component.

In the Component type list, click Top 10 List.

In the Choose a usage list section on the right, click the type of user information you want to track.

Then, click Finish.

In the List settings box, enter a title for your list.

Choose a style.

Click OK.

Note: This will only work if your Web Presence Provider (WPP) supports FrontPage 2002 server extensions.