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Chapter 12 - Overview Of Netware Compatibility Features

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Windows NT Server and Windows NT Workstation provide several features and services that enable Windows NT computers to coexist and interoperate with Novell® NetWare® networks and servers. Some of these services are included in Windows NT Server and Windows NT Workstation; others are available as separate products.

  • The NetWare Link IPX/SPX Compatible Transport (NWLink) is the Windows NT implementation of the IPX/SPX protocol. NWLink supports connectivity between computers running Windows NT and computers running NetWare and compatible systems. NWLink can also be used as a protocol connecting multiple Window NT computers. NWLink is included with both Windows NT Server and Windows NT Workstation.

  • Client Service for NetWare, included with Windows NT Workstation, enables workstations to make direct connections to file and printer resources at NetWare servers running NetWare 2.x or later. Client Service for NetWare supports NetWare 4.x servers running either Novell Directory Services (NDS) or bindery emulation. Login script support is also included.

    For more information on Client Service for NetWare, see the Windows NT Workstation online Help.

  • Gateway Service for NetWare, included with Windows NT Server, enables a computer running Windows NT Server to connect to NetWare servers, just as Client Service for NetWare enables workstations to connect to NetWare servers. In addition, you can use Gateway Service for NetWare to create gateways to NetWare resources. Creating a gateway enables computers running only Microsoft client software to access NetWare resources through the gateway. 

    For more information on Gateway Service for NetWare, see the following chapter, "Gateway Service for NetWare."

  • Migration Tool for NetWare, included with Windows NT Server, enables you to easily transfer user and group accounts, volumes, folders, and files from a NetWare server to a computer running Windows NT Server. If the server you are migrating to runs File and Print Services for NetWare, you can also migrate users' logon scripts.

    For more information on Migration Tool for NetWare, see Chapter 3, "Migration Tool for NetWare."

  • File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW) is a separate product. It enables a computer running Windows NT Server to provide file and print services directly to NetWare and compatible client computers. The server appears just like any other NetWare server to the NetWare clients, and the clients can access volumes, files, and printers at the server. No changes or additions to the NetWare client software are necessary.

  • Directory Service Manager for NetWare, also available separately, extends Windows NT Server directory service features to NetWare servers. It enables you to add NetWare servers to Windows NT Server domains and to manage a single set of user and group accounts that are valid at multiple servers running either Windows NT Server or NetWare. Users then have just one user account, with one password, to gain access to these servers. 

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