Delegating the DNS Domain for the New Regional Domain

Updated: April 11, 2008

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008

The Domain Name System (DNS) owner for Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is responsible for delegating the zone that matches the name of the regional domain to the DNS servers (domain controllers) that you want to install in the regional domain.

Before you create the new regional domain, you delegate the DNS domain for the new Windows Server 2008 regional domain at the following locations:

  • In the DNS zone for the forest root domain

  • On any forest root domain controller

We recommend that you install the DNS Server service on the domain controllers in AD DS regional domains when you run the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard (Dcpromo.exe). If you do so, DNS zone delegation occurs automatically.

The following procedure shows how to manually delegate the DNS domain for the new regional domain.

  1. To open DNS Manager, click Start, then click Administrative Tools, and then click DNS on any domain controller in the forest root domain.

  2. In the console tree, expand the forest root domain zone, expand Forward Lookup Zones node, right-click the forest root domain zone, and then click New Delegation.

  3. On the Welcome to the New Delegation Wizard page, click Next.

  4. On the Delegated Domain Name page, in Delegated Domain, type the name of the new regional domain.

  5. On the Name Servers page, click Add.

  6. In the New Resource Record dialog box, in Server fully qualified domain name (FQDN), type the name of the first domain controller that you want to deploy.

  7. In the New Resource Record dialog box, in IP address, type the corresponding IP address of the domain controller, and then click OK.

    If you want to deploy additional domain controllers in this regional domain, repeat steps 5 and 6, and enter the FQDNs and the IP addresses of these additional domain controllers.

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