Network Policy Server for Windows Server 2008

Updated: October 22, 2008

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Information about the currently available and upcoming NPS documentation is provided below.

NPS Fast Facts provides evaluation and overview information about NPS, such as supported upgrade paths, NPS features by product version, and compatibility information.

Available in HTML format in the Windows Server 2008 Technical Library:

After you install Network Policy Server, product Help is available when you open the Network Policy Server Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and press F1. The product Help for NPS provides information about how to deploy NPS as a RADIUS server, a RADIUS proxy, and as a NAP policy server.

The Network Policy Server Operations Guide provides information about how to administer NPS after it is installed and deployed. It also includes troubleshooting information for specific problems and scenarios.

The Network Policy Server Technical Reference is a comprehensive resource that includes information about NPS architecture, how NPS works, and NPS tools, registry keys, and other settings.

You can use the Network Policy Server Infrastructure Troubleshooting Reference to monitor and troubleshoot NPS. This reference contains troubleshooting information for each event logged by NPS that allows you to diagnose and resolve specific error conditions and to verify that those error conditions are no longer present.

Network Policy Server Infrastructure is available in HTML format in the Windows Server 2008 Technical Library at

The NPS product Help deployment checklists provide the steps required to deploy NPS as a RADIUS server, RADIUS proxy, and NAP health policy server.

You can use commands in the Netsh Network Policy Server (NPS) context to configure all aspects of NPS. The Netsh commands for NPS provide the same functionality as the NPS console, and the commands can be run manually at the netsh prompt or in scripts and batch files.

  • Available in HTML format in the Network Shell (Netsh) Technical Reference in the Windows Server 2008 Technical Library:

  • Available at the netsh nps prompt when you install Network Policy Server in Windows Server 2008.

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