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Connection Properties - General Tab

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2


Setting Description

I am already connected to the Internet

Specifies that your connection to the Internet is always on, such as when you are connected by a broadband network link.

Dial a phone number to connect

Specifies that your connection to the Internet is through a dial-up modem.

Phone number

Provides a location for you to type the phone number to dial.

Phone Book

Displays the phone number list provided by your network administrator.

Use dialing rules

Specifies that the phone number is dialed by using the Dialing Rule settings. Click Dialing Rules to select your current location and configure the dialing rules for that location.

Backup number

Provides a location for you to type the phone number to be tried if the primary number does not connect successfully.

Dialing Rules

Specifies your current location and the dialing rules associated with that location, such as whether to dial an area code.

Connect using

Specifies the modem device used to dial this call. Only currently installed modem devices are shown in the list.

Settings saved as

Displays the name used to save the current dialup location and dialing rule settings when you click OK. You can have more than one dialup location within a single Connection Manager profile. Select another name from the list if you want to save your configuration changes under a different name.


Creates a new dialing location that appears on the main logon dialog box.


Removes the selected dialup location. You cannot delete a dialup location if it is the only entry in the list.

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