Select Client Features

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012

Servers can be clients of other servers. Client features must have role-specific services enabled. The Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) enables services that are necessary for the selected server to provide the client features that you select on this page. Unnecessary services are disabled. By default, only the client features that the selected server can provide without installing additional components are displayed. You can view all client features in the Security Configuration Database by changing the view to All features .

To enable the services that are necessary for the selected server to provide its installed client features, select the appropriate client features in the list. If you plan to install other client features on the selected server or if you will apply this security policy to other computers that have slightly different role configurations, in View , click All features , and then select the appropriate client features.

To see the services and ports that are required for a specific role, click the triangle next to the client feature. SCW lists a description of the role and the required services and firewall rules.

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