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Phone Book Administrator command-line error messages

Updated: January 21, 2005

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

Phone Book Administrator command-line error messages

The following table describes Phone Book Administrator error messages that you may encounter while importing files by command line and the actions you can take to correct errors. After you correct the problem, remember to re-import your files.


Message Action to perform

Error during file creation

Make sure that you have set the appropriate file permissions for the PBA and release directories. See Secure your Phone Book Administrator folder (NTFS only).

Invalid path for input file

Make sure you have typed the full path.

Problem while reading import file

Make sure the file is in plain text format.

Phone book passed as a command-line parameter does not exist

Make sure you have typed the correct phone book name as it appears in the Phone Book Administrator interface.

Error during command line processing

See Import.log in the application directory for details.

Wrong number of fields

Make sure that all of your POPs have 11 fields and all regions have two fields.

Length of input field exceeds allowed value

Edit the input field. For field restrictions, see Add, edit, or delete POPs by command line.

Numeric input field contains non-numeric characters

Replace with numeric characters.

Incomplete configuration data for publishing

Set the options for this phone book. See Set or edit phone book options by command line.

Duplicate region name found

Delete duplicate region name from the input file.

Region specified for phone book import does not exist

Add or import the missing region. See Add, edit, or delete regions by command line or Import a region list by command line.

Country or dependency specified for phone book import does not exist

Specify the correct TAPI code for country or dependency as defined in the phone book. You can find the default list in the Country.txt file.

Total length of the Area Code and Access Number fields exceeds allowed value

Edit area code and access number to contain a total of no more than 36 characters.

Wrong or missing command line option

At the command prompt, type pbadmin /? for a list of valid command-line parameters.

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