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Checklist: Installing a Message Queuing resource

Updated: January 21, 2005

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

Checklist: Installing a Message Queuing resource


Step Reference

Review the concepts behind cluster resources.

Server Cluster Resources

Review resource groups and resource dependencies.

Server Cluster groups

Review Message Queuing concepts.

Microsoft Message Queuing

Plan common resource settings.

Checklist: Creating a new resource

Make sure that Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) is already installed.

Distributed Transaction Coordinator

Checklist: Installing a Distributed Transaction Coordinator resource

Create a Physical Disk or other storage class device resource.

Checklist: Installing a Physical Disk resource

Create a Network Name resource.

Checklist: Installing a Network Name resource

Enable Kerberos authentication for that Network Name resource.

Enable Kerberos authentication for virtual servers

Use the New Resource Wizard to create the Message Queuing resource.

Make the Message Queuing resource dependent on the Network Name and Physical Disk resources created earlier.


  • You can have multiple Message Queuing resources in a server cluster. However, you can only have one Message Queuing resource per resource group.

  • If you do have multiple Message Queuing resources in a server cluster, message activity may not function as expected unless you increase the system view space memory pool size of each node by 4 MB for each instance of the Message Queuing resource. For more information, see the troubleshooting topic "The Message Queuing resource fails to handle message activity correctly which may result in resource failures" in Group and resource failure problems.


  • The Message Queuing resource does not have to be located in the same resource group as the group containing the DTC resource.

  • The Message Queuing resource can come online even if the DTC resource is not online provided that there are no transactions to recover. If the DTC resource is offline, transactions are disabled; once the DTC resource comes back online, transactions are enabled.

Create a new resource

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