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Windows Server 2003 Glossary - Q

Updated: March 7, 2008

Applies To: Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

For more Windows Server terms, see the Windows Server 2008 Glossary.

Glossary - Q

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See other term: Quality of Service (QoS)  

qualified subordination

An extension of a standard certification authority (CA) that allows you to place certificate issuance constraints on subordinate CAs and to place usage constraints on the certificates that are issued by subordinate CAs.

See also: certification authority (CA)   public key infrastructure (PKI)   

Quality of Service (QoS)

A set of quality assurance standards and mechanisms for data transmission, implemented in this version of Windows.


For Indexing Service, a structured statement that specifies the documents you want to find. The simplest query is a single word.

See also: Indexing Service   tag   vector   wildcard character   


A list of programs or tasks waiting for execution. In Windows printing terminology, a queue refers to a group of documents waiting to be printed. In NetWare and OS/2 environments, queues are the primary software interface between the application and print device; users submit documents to a queue. With Windows, however, the printer is that interface; the document is sent to a printer, not a queue.

See also: printer   transactional message   

queue quota

For Message Queuing, the storage size limit for messages in public queues. When a queue quota is reached, Message Queuing can no longer send messages to that queue until one or more messages are removed from the queue. Message Queuing enforces the computer quota before it enforces the queue quota on a computer.

See also: computer quota   Message Queuing   queue   

queue type

For Message Queuing, a globally unique identifier (GUID) specified by the application that created the queue.

See also: globally unique identifier (GUID)   Message Queuing   queue   

quiet answer

A telephone-answering protocol in which incoming calls are answered with silence instead of a tone signal. Some telephone-switching systems use quiet answering. These switching systems expect the caller to provide another phone number, code, or extension after the quiet answer.

See also: protocol   

quorum log

The log where the quorum resource stores data. This data is maintained by the clustering software. Also known as the recovery log or change log.

See also: quorum resource   server cluster   

quorum resource

The quorum-capable resource selected to maintain the configuration data necessary for recovery of the cluster. This data contains details of all of the changes that have been applied to the cluster database. The quorum resource is generally accessible to other cluster resources so that any cluster node has access to the most recent database changes. By default there is only one quorum resource per cluster.

See also: node   server cluster   

quorum traffic

In a majority node set server cluster, the replication traffic between nodes in a cluster. This replication traffic contains the cluster configuration data and ensures that the cluster quorum information is kept in sync across all nodes.

See also: cluster   majority node set server cluster   node   quorum resource   replication   

quota limit

The amount of disk space available to a user.

See also: warning level   

quota template

A template that defines a space limit on the physical drive, the type of quota (hard or soft), and a set of notifications to be generated when the quota limit is being approached.

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