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Appendix A (Server Clusters: Remote Setup, Unattended Installations and Image-based Installations)

Updated: January 1, 2003

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 with SP1

This is a sample sysprep.inf file that can be used for unattended installation of a server cluster. By using this configuration file, Mini-Setup will create a cluster called SV-CLUSTER with one node SV-NODE1, will assign drive letters to shared storage drives and create a cluster file share called SVFileShare.

All computer names, cluster name, user data, passwords and IP addresses need to be replaced with real ones before you can use this file.

OemSkipEula = Yes 
AutoLogon = Yes 
AdminPassword = *** 
AdvServerType = Servernt 
OemSkipWelcome = 1 
OemSkipRegional = 1 
TimeZone = 20 
ComputerName = SV-NODE1 
FullName = "User" 
OrgName = "Organization" 
ProductKey = 11111-22222-33333-44444-55555 
DomainAdmin = domain\user 
DomainAdminPassword = ***** 
JoinDomain = domain 
Two network adapters will be available - Adapter01 and Adapter02. 
Adapter01 = params.Adapter01 
Adapter02 = params.Adapter02 
;Specify the network card used by network adapter No. 1. 
netcardaddress = 0x0002A5D0510f 
;Specify the network card used by network adapter No. 2. 
netcardaddress = 0x000476D5F57D 
;Install client for MS networks. 
MS_MSClient = params.MS_MSClient 
;Only install TCP. 
;TCP/IP properties 
AdapterSections = params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter01,params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter02 
;Adapter01 is used for intra-cluster communication. 
DHCP = No 
IPAddress = 
SpecificTo = Adapter01 
SubnetMask = 
WINS = No 
;Adapter02 represents a public network 
DefaultGateway = 
DHCP = No 
IPAddress = 
SpecificTo = Adapter02 
SubnetMask = 
DNSServerSearchOrder =, 
WINS = Yes 
WINSServerList =, 
;see section 2.2.1 in this document for a sample text of AssignDriveLetters.bat file 
Command1 = "%windir%\system32\cluster.exe /cluster:SV-CLUSTER /CREATE /NODE:SV-NODE1 /USER:domain\user /PASS:***** /IPADDR:" 
Command2 = "%systemdrive%\ClusterInstallFiles\createfs.vbs SV-CLUSTER ClusterGroup SVFileShareResource E:\ SVFileShare"
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