Browstat Examples

Updated: March 28, 2003

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

BrowStat Examples

Example 1: Display statistics for a browser

To display statistics for the current browser, type the following at the command line:

browstat stats

Your results will look similar to the following output:

Browser statistics since 16:7:27.753 on 3/7/2001
NumberOfServerEnumerations:                     5
NumberOfDomainEnumerations:                     5
NumberOfOtherEnumerations:                      2
NumberOfMailslotWrites:                         0
NumberOfServerAnnouncements:                    18
NumberOfDomainAnnouncements:                    9
NumberOfElectionPackets:                        4
NumberOfGetBrowserServerListRequests:           1
NumberOfMissedGetBrowserServerListRequests:     0
NumberOfDroppedServerAnnouncements:             0
NumberOfDroppedMailslotDatagrams:               0
NumberOfFailedMailslotReceives:                 0
NumberOfMasterAnnouncements:                    0
NumberOfIllegalDatagrams:                       0

See Browstat Remarks for more information on interpreting this data.

Example 2: Display status for a domain

If you want to display the status of the reskit domain, type the following at the command line:

browstat status -v reskit

Your results will look similar to the following output:

Status for domain reskit on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{D61DB2EB-6C31-4516
    Browsing is active on domain.
    Master browser name is: TRINA
        Master browser is running build 2195
    1 backup servers retrieved from master TRINA
    There are 3 servers in domain reskit on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{D6
        Number of NT Advanced Servers:                  0
        Number of OS/2 Domain controllers:              0
        Number of Windows For Workgroups machines:      2
        Number of Os/2 machines:                        0
        Number of NT machines:                          1

        Number of active WfW browsers:                  2
        Number of browsers:                             3
        Number of backup browsers:                      1
        Number of master browsers:                      1
    There are 1 domains in domain reskit on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{D61DB2EB-6C31-4516

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