Caching with Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

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Published: May 22, 2001


Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 provides an extensible enterprise firewall and Web cache server that integrates with Microsoft Windows 2000 for policy-based security, acceleration, and management of internetworking. This paper focuses on the ISA Web Cache service, which supports forward caching for outgoing requests and reverse caching for incoming requests.

Additionally, the paper examines the advanced routing capabilities of distributed and hierarchical caching. Caching reduces network traffic and improves user response times while retaining freshness of data. This is accomplished through both advanced caching policies in ISA Server and controls that provide the ability to specify object-level granular routing and to cache content rules. The ISA Server Web Cache is an extensible, high-performance Web cache, offering scalability, high availability and ease of management for high volume Internet traffic.

Included in this document:

  • Cache Architecture

  • Forward Caching

  • Active Caching

  • Scheduled Content Download

  • Reverse Caching

  • Web Proxy Routing

  • HTTP Redirector

  • Cache Array Routing Protocol (CARP)

  • ISA Server Scenarios


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