Extending Windows SharePoint Services

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Microsoft is a technology that was designed to be extended and used with other products. Several products from Microsoft and other software vendors use as an extensible platform. These products build additional features that work with or customize existing features to meet the users' needs. This extension and customization can be as simple as editing an XML template file or providing special Web Parts that can be used on Web Part Pages, or as complex as creating entire products that build on the functionality. Other products may also provide administrative or user tools that interact with , or may link their document editing applications into to allow users to edit documents directly from the site.

If you have installed as part of another product, be sure to read the administrative documentation for that product to find out what additional features you have that are not covered in the Administrator's Guide.

If you are interested in building features for to work with your product, you can find information about building Web Parts, connecting to , and customizing features and templates files in the .

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For more information about creating or customizing templates, see "Working with Templates" in the Windows SharePoint Services Administrator's Guide.

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