Create an Excel PivotTable with a Datasheet view

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When you create a Microsoft Excel PivotTable with a Datasheet view, you first export and link the Datasheet view to Excel, and then create a PivotTable in Excel based on the exported data.

  1. In the Datasheet view toolbar, click Task Pane to display the Task Pane for the Datasheet view.

  2. Click Create Excel PivotTable Report .

Windows SharePoint Services exports the Datasheet view to Excel as a Web query file.

Excel then prompts you to open the Web query file. If Excel is already open, it allows you to choose to import the data in the Web query file into an existing worksheet, a new worksheet or a new workbook. Otherwise, Excel opens and imports the Datasheet into a new workbook. Excel displays the imported data as an Excel list in a worksheet and links the worksheet with the Datasheet view. Excel displays the PivotTable field list and the PivotTable toolbar and prompts you to create a PivotTable. For more information on Excel PivotTables, see "About PivotTable reports" in Excel help.