About Document Workspaces

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A Document Workspace site is a Microsoft site that is centered around one or more documents. Colleagues can easily work together on a document either by working directly on the Document Workspace copy or by working on their own copy, which they can update periodically with changes that have been saved to the Document Workspace copy.

Creation of Document Workspace sites

On a site, you can create a Document Workspace site either by going to the Create page or by clicking the arrow next to a document on a document library page and then clicking Create a Document Workspace .

When you create a Document Workspace site that's based on a document in a document library, the Document Workspace site carries the same name as the document on which it is based. The document is then stored in a separate document library in the new Document Workspace site. This document can be published back to its source location, in the original document library, from the Document Workspace site.

Note: The ability to publish a document back to its original location is available only in a Document Workspace site created from a document that is already stored in a document library. This feature is not available in Document Workspace sites created by using the Create page on a site.

Document Workspace site features

Because a Document Workspace site is a SharePoint site, members can use features, such as using the Tasks list to assign each other to-do items, using the Links list to create hyperlinks to resource material, and storing related or supporting documents in the document library.

When you open the Document Workspace site in a Web browser, you can customize the site just as you would customize any site.