Create or modify a connection between two Web Parts

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Using simple menus and dialog boxes, you can connect Web Partstogether by passing data between them and synchronizing their behavior. Forexample, if you have a List View Web Part of Contacts with a column that has a hyperlink to a picture of the contact and the Image Web PartWeb Part on a Web Part Page, you can connect the two Web Parts together. Each time you select a row in the List View Web Part of Contacts,you can see the picture displayed in theImage Web Part.

  1. Open the Web Part Page.

  2. On the Web Part Page title bar, click Modify Shared Page/Modify My Page , and then click Design this Page .

  3. Decide which two Web Parts you want to connect. You can create or modify the same connection starting from either Web Part.

  4. From either one of the Web Parts, click the Web Part menu, and then move the pointer over Connections .

    Note: This menu command may not be enabled or visible on your Web Part Page for several reasons, including the Web Part or the zone does not support connections, you are not using the correct browser, or connections are disabled at your site.

  5. From the connection type submenu, select the type of connection you want to create or modify, such as Provide Row To or Filter Data With .

    Note: The connection type submenu can vary from Web Part Page to Web Part Page and Web Part to Web Part for several reasons, including the property settings for the Web Part Page, Web Part, or Web Part zone, the type or compatibility of Web Parts on the page, and whether or not the Web Parts have compatible connection types.

  6. From the available Web Parts submenu, select the Web Part for which you want to create or modify a connection.

    Note: Only Web Parts that can be connected will appear on the available Web Parts submenu. Some Web Parts on the Web Part Page may not be designed to make connections, some Web Parts may not support making connections to the current Web Part, or certain connection limits may currently be exceeded.

  7. For some Web Part connections, you might need to select additional information in the Choose Connection and Create/Edit Connection dialog boxes. Follow the instructions in the dialog boxes, and click Help for more information, if it is available.

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