Add or remove a related issue

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You can add related issues to an issue, or remove related issues, by editing the issue in an issues list. When you add one issue as a related issue to another issue, all other issues that are already related to each of these two issues become related to one another as well.

Add related issues to an existing issue or remove related issues

  1. On the top link bar, click Documents and Lists .

  2. Click the issues list that contains the issue you want to edit.

  3. Click the title of the issue.

  4. Click Edit Item .

To add a related issue

Type the Issue ID of the issue you want to add as a related issue.

Note: You cannot add an issue that is already a related issue.

To remove a related issue

Under the section Related Issues , click Remove for the issue that you want to remove as a related issue.

Note: Removing a related issue does not delete the issue from the issues list. It only removes its relationships with all other issues as a related issue.

  • Click Save and Close .