About the Image Web Part

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You can use the Image Web Part to add a picture or graphic to a Web Part page. To more easily coordinate the image with other Web Parts on the page, you can control the vertical alignment, horizontal alignment, and background color of the image inside the Image Web Part by modifying its custom properties in shared view.

Ways you can use the Image Web Part

You might use the Image Web Part to:

  • Add a corporate or project logo to a page.

  • Display photos of employees or products.

  • Make the page more visually appealing.

Ways you can display an image

There are two ways you can display an image:

  • Enter a file path or hyperlink to the image file in the Image Link property text box. In this case, the image is static and does not change (unless you modify the property).

  • Connect the Image Web Part to another Web Part that provides the file path or hyperlink. In this case, the image can be dynamic and change based on an action in the other Web Part, such as a user selecting a row in a List View Web Part.

    For example, you can connect a List View Web Part containing Contacts to the Image Web Part. Each time you select a row in the Contacts List View Web Part that contains a column with a hyperlink to a file containing a picture of that contact, you can see the picture of the contact displayed in the Image Web Part.

Note: If the Image Link property already has a value and you connect the Image Web Part to another Web Part, the Image Link property is ignored. If the Image Web Part is already connected to another Web Part, and you want to set a value for the Image Link property, you must first remove the connection.

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