About the XML Web Part

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You can use the XML Web Part to display Extensible Markup Language (XML) and apply Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) to the XML before the content is displayed.

Important: The content displayed in the XML Web Part cannot contain an HTML <FORM> element. If you need to use the <FORM> element, consider using the Page Viewer Web Part or the Form Web Part.

Ways you can use the XML Web Part

You might use the XML Web Part to display:

  • Structured data from database tables or queries.

  • XML-based documents.

  • XML forms that combine structured and unstructured data, such as weekly status reports or travel expense reports.

Ways to enter content

There are two ways you can add content to the XML Web Part:

XML and XSL Editors Using these editors, you can enter or modify XML and XSLT source code. The XML and XSL source editors are plain text editors intended for users who have knowledge of XML and XSLT syntax.

XML and XSL Links Instead of editing the XML and XSLT, you can enter a hyperlink to a text file containing XML and XSLT source code.The two valid hyperlink protocols you can use are:

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http://)

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol with privacy, which uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption (https://)

You can use an absolute URL or a relative URL. However, you cannot use a file path.

Combining edited and linked XML content

You can combine edited and linked XML content to provide both primary and secondary information. For example, you could provide an error message as secondary information in the edited XML content, in case the linked XML content, or primary information, is not available. When you provide both edited and linked XML content, the linked XML content is always used first. If the linked XML content is not accessible, the edited XML content is used.

Note: Combining edited and linked XSL content in this manner is not supported.

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