Customizing a SharePoint Team Web Site

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Microsoft's SharePoint™ team Web sites are designed to be flexible. You can tailor the site to fit your team's needs by adding or removing pages, changing the appearance of pages, and changing the site navigation. To customize SharePoint team Web sites, you must have the following rights, all of which are included in the Advanced Author and Administrator roles by default:

  • Author Pages

  • Border Web

  • Design Lists

  • Link Style Sheets

  • Theme Web

Basic customization such as adding a list, or changing a site's friendly name (not the URL) can be done from within the browser on the Site Settings page of the SharePoint team Web site. If a user does not have at least one of the rights in the list above, he cannot perform these actions.

More advanced customization can be done by using a SharePoint Team Servicescompatible Web page editor, such as Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002, including the following:

  • Applying a FrontPage theme

  • Adding borders to pages

  • Deleting files

  • Creating new lists and document libraries (can also be done from the browser)

  • Changing the navigation of a site

Of course, any user with Author Pages rights (Author role and up) can create new pages and add them to the site. This allows the users of the site to create the areas they need right away, without a lot of overhead for the Advanced Author or Administrator.

If you are an Administrator, you can turn features of the site on or off, add users, and perform other administrative tasks. Unless you delegate the rights to perform these tasks, the users of your site cannot gain access to pages required to perform these tasks. For more information about delegating tasks, see Delegating Administration Tasks to Site Owners.

The SharePoint team Web site Help files contain information about customizing SharePoint team Web sites from within the browser. For more information about customizing SharePoint team Web site elements in a SharePoint Team Servicescompatible Web page editor, see the Help system for the Web page editor.