Delegating Administration Tasks to Site Owners

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If you administer multiple Web sites or virtual servers, you may find that performing tasks such as adding users, checking server health, or running usage analysis for each virtual server or Web site can become burdensome especially if you manage more than five Web sites. With Microsoft's SharePoint™ Team Services and Microsoft® FrontPage Server Extensions 2002, you can use roles and rights to delegate such administrative tasks to trusted users and keep high-level administrator tasks (such as extending a new Web site or setting defaults) to yourself.

By default, an administrator can:

  • Add new users (per subweb).

  • Change user roles (per subweb).

  • Manage Web document discussions and Web subscriptions (per virtual server - SharePoint Team Services only).

  • Create, delete, or merge subwebs (per virtual server).

  • Check server health (per subweb).

  • Schedule and run usage analysis reports (per virtual server).

If you want a user, such as an Advanced Author, to be able to perform an administration task, you can either assign them to the Administrator role, or assign them to another role that has the user right needed to perform the task. Note that some of these tasks can only be performed at the virtual server level, as indicated above. Be aware that if you give a user the rights to perform such tasks, the user's actions affect not only her own Web site, but all Web sites on the virtual server.

The simplest way to delegate administrative rights to a user is to make her a member of the Administrator role. If you want to delegate only a few tasks or wish to limit the user's ability to administer the Web site, assign only the necessary user rights to her. To do this, create a custom role with the rights she needs, or edit an existing role to contain those rights.

For example, if you want a user to run usage analysis tasks for the virtual server, create a Usage Guru role, add the Manage Usage Analysis right to that role, and then assign the user to the role.


Note   Users can be members of more than one role, so you do not need to remove their old roles before adding them to a new one. Neither do you have to replicate all of their existing rights in the new role. So, Joe User can be a member of both the Advanced Author and Usage Guru roles at the same time.


The following table lists the tasks you can delegate and the user rights required to perform those tasks.

Task to delegate

User right required

Adding users to the Web (per subweb)

Create Accounts

Changing user roles (per subweb)

Configure Access

Managing Web document discussions (SharePoint Team Services only)

Manage Web Document Discussions

Adding, editing, or removing a list (per Web site)

Manage Lists

Checking server health (per Web site)

Manage Server Health

Managing Web subscriptions (SharePoint Team Services only)

Manage Web Subscriptions

Creating, deleting, or merging subwebs (per Web site)

Manage Subweb

Scheduling and running usage analysis reports (per virtual server)

Manage Usage Analysis


Note   For a complete lists of user rights and to see which are included in each role by default, see User Rights.


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