Command-line Reference

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This chapter contains reference information to help you use the SharePoint Team Services and FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions command-line administration tools (Owsadm.exe and Owsrmadm.exe). The Command-line Operations topic includes required and allowed switches for each operation and information about the parameters needed for the operation. The Command-line Parameters topic includes all parameters allowed for the command-line operations, along with descriptions and sample values. The Command-line Properties topic includes the name and description of the properties you can set using the command-line tool. The User Rights topic lists the user rights that can be assigned to roles, along with a description of each and a list of the roles that have each right, by default.

For more information about using the command-line tools, see Command-line Administration.

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Command-line Operations

Command-line Parameters

Command-line Properties

User Rights

Command-line Options for Setupse.exe