Command-line Options for Setupse.exe

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When you install SharePoint™ Team Services from Microsoft®, you can use command-line options to control how it is installed. For example, to install SharePoint Team Service to work with a remote installation of Microsoft SQL Server™, you run Setupse.exe with the /nd option to avoid installing MSDE with SharePoint Team Services. Then, after the installation, you can specify the SQL Server connection information and extend your servers. The following table lists and explains the options you can use with the command-line Setup program (Setupse.exe) for SharePoint Team Services.



/f <path to msi>

Reinstall SharePoint Team Services using the specified .msi file.

/help or /?

Get help for the Setupse.exe program.

/i <path to msi>

Install SharePoint Team Services using the specified .msi file.

/l <path to logfile>

Log Setup messages to the specified file.

logfile=<path to cfgquiet.ini>

Use the specified configuration options file during installation (unattended Setup mode only). For more information about the logfile option, see Running Unattended Setup.


Do not install MSDE. Use this option when you want to use a remote installation of SQL Server with SharePoint Team Services. If you use this option, you must specify the SQL Server database to use when you extend each virtual server. For more information about extending a server, see Installing SharePoint Team Services. For more information about configuring a remote SQL Server database to work with SharePoint Team Services, see the Large Scale Deployment of SharePoint Team Services white paper on the TechNet Web site.


Run Setupse in quiet mode (unattended Setup with no user intervention). For more information about quiet installation, see Running Unattended Setup.


Run Setupse in basic mode (limited user intervention).


Run Setupse in full mode (user must fill in options during Setup). This is the default option.

/settings <path to setupse.ini file>

Install SharePoint Team Services using the specified .ini file.

/x <path to msi>

Uninstall SharePoint Team Services using the specified .msi file.