Developing Applications for Microsoft Transaction Server

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Building MTS Applications

Explains the key concepts that a component application developer needs to understand for developing Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) applications.

Creating a Simple ActiveX Component

Demonstrates how to create a component and register the component in the Microsoft Transaction Server run-time environment.

Building Scalable Components

Demonstrates how to use just-in-time activation to use server resources efficiently, resulting in more scalable applications and improved performance.

Building Transactional Components

Introduces transactional components and the benefits of running components within the same transaction.

Sharing State

Demonstrates how to use the Shared Property Manager to share state among multiple Transaction Server objects running in the same process.

Stateful Components

Discusses stateful components and outlines some of the issues associated with writing stateful application components.

Multiple Transactions

Explains the benefits of distributing work among multiple transactions.

Secured Components

Shows how to use Microsoft Transaction Server's security features to restrict the use of application features to designated users.