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The Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit consists of this comprehensive volume and a single compact disc containing the Resource Kit tools and utilities that make it easier for you to get the most out of Windows 98.

The Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit presents detailed information on the Windows 98 operating system, plus topics that are either new for this release or reflect issues that our Technical Support people consider timely and important. You should consider this information to be an in-depth, technical supplement to the online documentation included as part of the Windows 98 product. It does not replace that information as the source for learning how to use the product features and programs.

About the Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit

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This book, written in cooperation with the Windows 98 development team, includes the following major parts:

Part 1, "Deployment and Installation," provides an overview of the strategies for deploying Windows 98 throughout an organization. The chapters in this section describe the steps involved in setup, and provide details on the different methods for deploying Windows 98. Part 2, "System Configuration," describes the options for configuring machines running Windows 98, including configuring and deploying the Active Desktop and Active Channels, using Profiles and System Policies, configuring security, and using the new FAT32 file system. In addition, chapters in this section cover printing, multimedia, and WebTV. Part 3, "Networking and Intranets," covers networking with Windows 98, including using Windows 98 on Microsoft networks, Novell® NetWare® networks, and other networks. This section also covers remote networking and mobile computing. Part 4, "Internet and Communication Tools," discusses the new suite of tools that let you share information on your intranet or over the Internet. Chapters in this section cover the new Internet Explorer 4 browsing software, tools such as NetMeeting and NetShow, modems, and the new Outlook Express electronic mail client. Part 5, "System Management," provides important information for administering Windows 98 both locally and remotely. Chapters in this section discuss device management, applications support, performance tuning, and troubleshooting. Part 6, "Architecture," provides a detailed look at the inner workings of Windows 98. Topics covered include general Windows 98 architecture, Windows 98 network architecture, the new hardware management model, and the registry. Part 7, "Appendixes," contains a glossary and useful reference information, and provides detailed information on Windows 98 system files and INF files.

Resource Kit Feedback

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